Modern solutions
for every interior.


Instyle Wardrobes

Is a leading manufacturer of interior fittings, providing innovative products and exceptional customer service to residential clients.
Our talented team is dedicated to providing our clients with modern solutions that will increase the value of their properties.

From custom-built wardrobes to
modern shower screens.

Our goal is to fit-out projects with high-quality items. At Instyle Wardrobes, we believe that collaborative efforts produce the best innovative solutions. Our team will work with clients to design and manufacture a product that is superior and modern. Whether you’re a prospective customer or a long-standing client, you will always be met with our warm customer service. We value every project that comes our way and will always execute to the best of our abilities. Our products are innovatively designed with the finest materials to fit a modern aesthetic. Expect superior products from a team dedicated to your satisfaction.

Make living better

Our business provides high-quality, modern and functional home solutions for any type of residential project. We practise collaboration and honesty, the keys to successful partnerships and excellent results.

In partnering with us, you can expect:


Creative designs that remain modern but unique, adding an innovative solution to every project.

High Quality

Products made with superior material for a long-lasting and timeless addition to Australia’s homes.


We are committed to completing your project with honesty and integrity. Expect results on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard.


Make homes better, starting with the earth

While we hold the view that homes should have modern and functional pieces, we don’t believe that it should cost our environment. At InStyle Wardrobes, we make every attempt to use materials from sustainable sources. Throughout our business, we implement environmentally-friendly processes, ensuring that our team reduces waste, avoids plastic, reuses materials and recycles excess.